I am a professional with a diverse educational and career background. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s in Finance from the University of Nevada, Reno. Additionally, I will be completing an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting in the Fall of 2016. After my undergraduate degree, I spent several years as a classroom teacher and coach. Currently, I am a Practice Supervisor at Renown Health focusing on Customer Service and Patient Access and am responsible for hiring, training, and leading the first customer service team for the Renown Medical Group. My core professional values include:

Creativity – I am an originator who takes pride in seeking new and creative ways to provide value. I embrace change while leading preemptive efforts to ensure well-thought-out implementations. My approach to all activities is plan..plan..plan..adapt.

Energy – I energize the people with whom I interact and bring positivity and optimism to relationships while remaining grounded in situational reality.

Integrity – I take pride in my personal accomplishments yet seek humility, continually striving to take responsibility for my failures. I am the type of person who will stop my own work to provide assistance to my coworkers when and where they need it.

I am an early-riser and accomplish some of my best work in the mornings. I enjoy humor and believe that it need not be a trait mutually exclusive to professionalism. I also love a good mystery and the work of analyzing data and processes to identify errors or inefficiencies.

In my personal life I enjoy music, running, and outdoor activities. I have completed five marathons including Boston and am the captain of the Fat Boys Racing Team in Reno, Nevada. I am an oboist and have performed with the Reno Wind Symphony, Reno Philharmonic, and Reno Chamber Orchestra.


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